UnPatients Privacy Policy

UnPatients Privacy Policy

UnPatients (UnPatients.com, UnPatient.me, UnPatients.us and all related websites and services) is an information storage and sharing website/service where users can store and share personal health information, including laboratory data, including in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing, wellness testing, food sensitivity, and any other data that may be derived from human tissue analytes or phenotypic measurement. We believe that everyone should own their data, store it in a secure and machine-readable format, and share it with others, be they healthcare professionals or a social network.

This Privacy Policy sets forth the information UnPatients collects from both registered users of UnPatients (“members”) as well as unregistered site visitors, and how that information may be shared with 3rd party partners of UnPatients. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time by posting an amended Privacy Policy in this space.

We collect four types of personal information – Registration Information; Test Purchase Information; Self-Reported Information; Web Behavior Information – and these are defined below.

  • “Registration Information” is the information you provide about yourself when registering at our website.
  • “Test Purchase Information” is information we collect when you purchase products or services from 3rd parties, including lab tests, from one of our partners, regardless of whether or not you are registered UnPatients user.
  • “Self-Reported Information” includes all data/results of in-vitro diagnostic (“IVD”) testing, otherwise known as lab test results, whether ordered through UnPatients, reported back to UnPatients, or otherwise delivered to UnPatients and associated with a user. Self-Reported Information further includes all information about yourself, including your health-related information, disease conditions, personally identifying information (race, ethnicity, physical traits, family history, and and/all other information that you enter into surveys, forms, or features while signed in to your UnPatients account. By default, Self-Reported Information is confidential and will never be shared by UnPatients with others except as required by law. Self-Reported Information may be converted to “UnPatients Research Data” if the user/member has previously granted permission for this use when registering or purchasing.
  • “Web Behavior Information” is information on how you use the UnPatients website (e.g. browser type, domains, page views) collected through log files, cookies, and web beacon technology.


UnPatients Research Data” is de-identified information that may include Self-Reported information where users have previously provided permission, along with Web Behavior Information and Test Purchase information that UnPatients may from time to time share with partners for purposes of healthcare research.

UnPatients Core Principal: UnPatients will never share a member’s self-reported information unless that member has previously provided permission for us to do so.