Introducing YouBase

Decentralized, Secure, Authentic, Data Sharing We are pleased to announce YouBase (whitepaper), the technical foundation for UnPatient. We’re helping bring YouBase to health care. YouBase is an open source protocol that solves key problems currently plaguing the data world, in particular the health data world: security, authenticity, share-ability. YouBase combines concepts from Bitcoin (blockchain and cryptographic hashing), […]

Sign the petition on health record access: #NoMUwithoutMe

We encourage all concerned about health data to sign the petition at Lygeia Ricciardi, the former Director of Consumer eHealth at the ONC, announced Sunday on The Health Care Blog, an initiative to request access to health records, specifying that, in fact, it’s law that we  may request access to our records. As mentioned […]

Health Data Ownership, Control Gain Momentum

Health data control has been a hot topic in the last month. A wonky healthcare topic is almost mainstream. It started with a few tweets. Billionaire NBA Dallas Mavericks team owner and Shark Tank shark Mark Cuban recommended people who can afford to pay for them should get quarterly blood tests. This instantly started a very public […]