Mission and Core Beliefs

Our mission is to build the tools, tell the stories, and improve the science on the use of personal health information to free individuals to be their best selves and accelerate health science.

Core Beliefs:

  • You have a right to data about you, it’s your property.
  • As your property, you can control how it is used, or not used.
  • Your private health property should be accessible, secure, private and shareable, just like any other property.
  • The attributes of access and security of private health information property are not in conflict when there are strong identity mechanisms in place.

We want you to be in control of your health future, and today that often means being in control of your health data.  We believe these are the foundations which will enable a new data-driven science of personal health that’s suited to how we live our lives outside of the health system

We seek to foster a community of individuals, scientific researchers, policymakers, industry representatives, and technologists to create awareness, develop tools and programs that empower individuals to be their best through increased control of their personal health data. Unpatient.org seeks to enable collaboration to support research and development in the areas of online health data access, security and privacy.

We are patient advocates who recognize that we are all patients at one time or another, even if we rarely want to be in that situation. The history of the word “patient” brings with it suffering and paternalism. We want people to be free of suffering and to be able to manage their health most effective way possible. We want to be free of suffering, and where possible, allow all people to improve their personal health and performance.