Introducing YouBase

Decentralized, Secure, Authentic, Data Sharing

We are pleased to announce YouBase (whitepaper), the technical foundation for UnPatient. We’re helping bring YouBase to health care.

YouBase is an open source protocol that solves key problems currently plaguing the data world, in particular the health data world: security, authenticity, share-ability.

YouBase combines concepts from Bitcoin (blockchain and cryptographic hashing), BitTorrent (decentralized file serving), and Git (versioning).

UnPatient seeks to facilitate the development of a layer between YouBase and the existing health IT infrastructure. Here’s another way to look at it: Just as BitCoin seeks an alternative to placing stores of value in a traditional banking framework vs. individually-controlled, YouBase seeks to provide alternatives to more traditional data storage services which are inevitably controlled by a third party.

Our near-term goal is to test and receive feedback on YouBase with some pilot programs, and then provide services for existing systems to adapt to the new decentralized, P2P world.

A New Paradigm in Technology, and Business Models

There is a strong business model incentive within the existing healthcare system for data hoarding and what has come to be known as #infoblocking. This is one reason why attempts to fix the interoperability issue have met with such poor results: share-ability is not built into the system from either a technological or business model perspective, at least, not from the data originator’s (yours and ours) perspective.

Because YouBase is decentralized, there is no single place where the data records are stored, reducing the risk of data breach and eliminating the possibility of data hoarding/brokering on our part. This is an open source framework and P2P, so not owned by UnPatient or anyone else.

Simply put: we do not, and cannot, use your data, only you and those you provide the keys will be able to access it. Our business will be to create specific implementations for YouBase, and help existing health ecosystem participants adapt.

 You Can Monetize Your Data, But We Can’t

Individuals should be able to monetize their data if they choose. Under the current system, this is difficult due to authenticity, privacy, and current business models. Basically everyone is monetizing social content and patient data except the individuals from which it comes. We think this is wrong and that more value should be returned to the originators of the data.

UnPatient empowers individuals to do whatever they choose to do with their data, and that may include monetizing it by selling it for research, or sharing it with others in a beneficial social network. The recipient of the data can be assured of a much higher authenticity of the data that is currently practical.

Want To Give It a Test Run?

Imagine using your smart phone to create a cryptographically secure identity, and attaching your health data to that identity from the moment of creation. In the coming months, we will be developing the first UnPatient implementations with clinical and laboratory partners. Want to try it out?

Put in your email “get updates” box below and we’ll keep you informed of upcoming pilot opportunities. You should get to know you.

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